Mildred Cooper Chapel, Bella Vista Arkansas

E. Fay Jones designed the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel in Bella Vista Arkansas, completed in 1988. It is similar to his Thorncrown Chapel, built 8 years earlier in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. A long hall with a bony wood structure and full windowed walls is surrounded by green nature.

The innovation in this chapel is the curved, gothic arch which extends from the front entrance all the way to the other end. The transition from gray steel exterior, to warm wooden interior, to green leafy nature can be seen from the entrance. This could correctly be called a Post-Modern work, as Gothic elements are playfully worked with. The chapel is 84 ft long, 24 ft wide, and 54 ft tall.


Margaret Bridge, Dallas Texas

Santiago Calatrava designed the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas Texas, completed in March 2012. It crosses the Trinity River near the city's downtown. The total length is 1,870 ft, maximum span 1,197 ft, and height 400 ft. The great arch suspends 58 cables each eight inches thick.

The similarity to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis is not accidental, as the bridge is intended to be a gateway into the city from West Dallas. The suspension cables overlap in an interesting geometric pattern. It is designed to accommodate 14,000 vehicles per day.


Antwerp Railway Station, Belgium

Louis Delacenserie of Bruges designed the the domed ticket entrance to the Antwerp train station, completed in 1905. A viaduct into the building was designed by Jan Van Asperen. A clock sits in the center of a half rose-window, with a grand staircase and arched entrance below. Though much of the structure was demolished in ensuing years, including eight towers and the glass roof over the platforms, much of it has been restored.

J. Van Asperen designed the great glass vault. The Victorian metal furnishing is kept distinct from the stone ticket building, though the basic structure concept is about the same.

Layered on top of this is the recent post-modern stylings at the platforms. Geometric blocks of spaces borrow the language of the existing and give rational, clear methodology to circulation and function. High speed trains were added below ground, and shopping and additional entrances added. Completed in 2009, the restoration and additions cost €1.6 billion.

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"The Fotygraft Album" by Frank Wing, full text

I received this book for Christmas. It isn't about architecture but I really enjoyed it. The Fotygraft Album was published in 1915 by Frank Wing, apparently an editor for The Argus. His daughter talks about family acquaintances around their town. Wing also authored a similar book about their family members. It was published by Reilly & Britton Co. in Chicago.