Queen Anne Ave. Residence, Seattle

Receiver of the 2007 AIA Honor Awards Commendation, the Sterling Residence on Queen Anne Ave. in Seattle showcases unconventional massing for a well daylit space. It isn't appreciated by its neighbors. The front faces the alley and the back of the looming three story white mass faces the street. Besides that, the modernism can be tiring to look at all day. The loud and aggresive tone rubs the small-town people the wrong way. Many say it is a danger to the community.

Pb Elemental predicted this "architectural drama," indeed that's what they were going for. The tall white walls keep private space far away from the nearby street. The courtyard and ground level with wide glass interact to provide views and careful indoor/outdoor relationships. The walls are carved out in the next two foors for bedrooms, and the independant living space in the back.

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