Villa Neuendorf, Mallorca Spain

Soil from the site went into the plaster of these walls, highlighting the intimate relationship between building and earth. The complex is approached like an ancient castle, uphill on a straight path paved of stone, and through a narrow gateway. From here, a central courtyard opens up, inviting the user into a variety of simple yet imposing spaces. Windows are slim and vertical, giving a primitive atmosphere to the interior.

This strong axis continues as a pool juts out into the landscape at the residence's other end. The name "Neuendorf" suggests cozy little community from another time- yet it is "Neue", or new. Architect John Pawson takes modernism back to the earth in this 1991 project.

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spanish villa said...
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Jesse Jacob said...

Are there any images attached to this post?, they seem to be missing.

Ben said...

I have been going thru all my previous posts and replacing copyrighted images on flickr with images that are in Creative Commons. Some people might not like me using their pictures. I couldn't find any images or videos of Villa Neuendorf that I could use unfortunately, but I'll come back to it and look again.

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