Sarphatistraat Offices, Amsterdam Netherlands

Steven Holl placed this new innovative structure in front of the U-shaped Singel Gracht building, next to the canal. Holl envisioned a "rectangular sponge" meeting the historic brick building. The nterior spaces have small extrusions into each other, with small windows punching through the walls at various places.

These wall penetrations are less severe because the exterior is clad with perforated copper. This also brings down the visual scale of the new addition, connecting it to the renovated portion. This is an interesting consideration for a conference room pavilion.

It was completed in 2000.

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Also by Steven Holl: Nelson-Atkins Museum, St. Ignatius Chapel, Simmons Hall, Art & Art Building, Loisium Hotel, Swiss Embassy, Whitney Water Purification, NYU Philosophy Department

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