208 Vanderbilt Studio, Fort Greene Brooklyn NY

Much like in his design for London's dirty house, David Adjaye employed slick clean lines and cool temperatures in the 208 Vanderbilt Studio in New York.

He uses a tent-like screen on the exterior over polypropelene panels. Such combination of traditional and modern technology is also found in the procession through the residence. The entrance transition from street-level to private areas is inspired by rural Japanese homes.


Anonymous said...

I live near this house and still wonder why someone chose such to impose such a cold, dark, forbidding structure in a neighborhood dominated by vintage brownstones. If nothing else, it certainly does call attention to itself. Whenever I pass, I half-expect a black helicopter to come rising out of the roof, off to engage in black ops. Between that and all the bland steel/glass luxury condos being erected, one senses that architects live in their own world, oblivious to the concept of harmonizing with the surrounding environment.

Anonymous said...

Ha. I once saw several figures clad in black from head to toe rappelling down the side of this building. They all had M-16s strapped over their shoulders, hit the ground running, and disappeared.

Another time I swore I could hear screams coming from somewhere inside.

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