Raffles Hotel, Wafi City Dubai

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The five-star Raffles Hotel in Dubai was designed by Bryn Lummus, Arif & Bin Toak, and LW Design.

In Las Vegas fashion, it is a luxurious take on ancient Egypt, with a pyramid shape and Egyptian iconography throughout. It incorporates 129,000 plants in the complex, part of Dubai's signature attempt to conquer the desert.

The hotel opened in 2007, with 19 levels that include 248 suites, 11 restaurants and bars, 11 meeting spaces.

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Dubai Traveler said...
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Dixie said...

The second image in this post actually shows the atrium of the mall located next door to this property - it is not the hotel's atrium - in fact it's not a patch on the Raffle's Hotel atrium... :)

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