Spaceship 2000, Dumalneg Ilocos Norte Philippines


lyla_mortensen said...

The "Spaceship" is planet earth as we're flying thru space at around 10,000 km/hr orbiting the sun."E.T" was just Eleuterio Tropa's initials.Father Tropa thought it was hilarious that some people actually believed he had a spaceship!As for the end of the world,Tropa was always going on about global warming and rising sea levels...this was 25 yrs. ago ! Cheers Curtis

bodiddley said...

As I was passing by the old Father Aguilar's Zoo in Quezon Ave, Quezon City earlier today (probably no relation to him), I was just thinking about this TV show, Father Tropa Spaceship 2000 E.T., asking myself "what was that all about, bearded men in robes with a hill behind them?" (turns out that was mayon volcano in nayong pilipino park, as this guy remembers it: http://tsikot.yehey.com/forums/showthread.php?t=59853 ;)

Was also wondering when did his organization start (Long Beach, CA 1948? Really/), who were the kind of people in it, and what are they doing now?

Funny, the man may have actually had a sense of humor, after all.

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