Steve Jobs Tears Down Historic American Villa

Money beats all. That's why Apple Inc. giant Steve Jobs was able to circumvent California's strict historic preservation laws and lay waste to one of the liberal Bay Area's greatest treasures. Jobs got permission to demolish the Spanish revival villa on 460 Mountain Home Road in San Francisco despite years of effort from a preservation group.

George Washington Smith designed the 30-room home at the beginning of the century for Daniel Jackling. Smith designed several mansions in the bay area. I have a personal friend living in one of his homes, and the building is absolutely stunning. It has touches modern for the day, such as folding outdoor beds, yet stays true to the Spanish architecture deep in the California's roots.

Superior Court Judge Marie Weiner approved the demolition following approval by the Woodside Town Council. Jobs did such a good job of not taking care of the house that the judge ruled it was too expensive for the mutli-billionaire to repair. Why did Jobs buy the mansion only to tear it down later? Why not just sell it instead of tearing it down and building something new?

Only a genius of modern technology could answer that.

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