Don Bosco Panjim Church, Goa India

Goa is known for its Western-style churches built over the centuries. Modernist Le Corbusier influenced many important buildings including the Carmelite Monastery Church at Margao. As was the case with most Corbusier buildings outside of France, the local context clashed with the Modernist style. The rainy climate destroyed the concrete walls.

The Don Bosco Church was built in the 1970s and introduced Corbusier's later concepts of spiritual design. Lateral beams met at the high altar, and window openings were carefully sculpted to focus light on important spots. The result is a profound interior space reminiscent of St. Ignatius chapel in Seattle. It is a very 70's design in drastic need of an update, or perhaps turned back to a more traditional Hindu design. But it has some great elements that should not be sacrificed.

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