La Maison des Arts, Domaine Universitaire Bordeaux France

Massimiliano Fuksas designed the Domaine University's Museum of Art in Pessac outside of Bordeaux, France. Fuksas was controversial as always with this design, but very versatile in his approach and final product.

Graffiti is evidence of the rough neighborhood that the site is in, and the building's dirty texture and oppressive massiveness reflects that. Each part of the program occupies a box, which is arranged into a six-part grid. Ribbons of windows separate these boxes of program vertically and horizontally the entire 88ft length, also providing circulation space in-between. The "radio campus" broadcasting center sits atop and cantilevers over the side, a statement of the provocative power for media to break away from established art.

Much like Dirty House in London, the general public criticizes the building's shoddy appearance. Oxodized copper green helps diffuse the brutal appearance, but the interior has cavernous exposed structural concrete. Critics say lighting is depressing, the layout is difficult to navigate, acoustics are rough and leering heights are dangerous.

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