'Design Excellence' Embassy Architecture Program Vastly Over Budget

The US embassy in London, known as the Cube, was supposed to cost $1 billion. But after 6 months of construction, the project is reportedly $100 million over-budget. The State Department is trying to value engineer out the building's intricate exterior of bullet-proof glass, reports CBS.

Lawmakers are complaining that President Obama's new "Design Excellence" program for US embassies is too expensive. A rebuild in Papa New Guniea is $150 million over-budget, reports Breitbart. The new design program emphasizes aesthetics and diplomacy through image rather than the previous emphasis on functionality in earlier projects.

Senator John Kerry last year said he cringed from the design of previous embassy projects. Other politicians lamented that US buildings abroad did not portray a modern image.

After a small handful of security at the US embassy in Baghdad were unable to save the ambassador from death during an Islamist attack, security has been under scrutiny from Republican lawmakers.

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